In this game you control a small van in the city Buddinge. It is your job to connect as many buildings as possible before the time runs out.

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How to Play

You control the car with the arrow keys:

The game play goes like this
  1. Blue dots will appear in front of the two buildings that needs to be connected.
  2. Drive to the lawn in front of one of the marked houses
  3. Press and hold space to roll out some cable
  4. Drive to the lawn in front of the other marked house
  5. A connection will be made and you gain some points and some extra time

Notice that the amount of cable is limited, so do not roll out too much.

There is also limited time to make the connection, so hurry up!

You can collect powerups along the way

Ludum Dare #30 - Connected Worlds

This game was created by a small team from Open Space Aarhus for Ludum Dare #30. The theme for the game jam was Connected Worlds

The Ludum Dare entry page for the game is here Buddinge - Jam Entry, go there and vote for our game!

Open Source

This game is open source and released under the MIT License.
The source is available on github github.com/openspaceaarhus/Buddinge